you're xiu to my han

The twinkling lights that decorate the streets. Among those, your eyes are especially like the star light. As if you’re melting in my arms, you come into my embrace. What if you come to me when I’m sleeping? So I stay up all night, all night in a white daze. Just like the Christmas day that I’ve always waited for. Just like the Christmas day oh! When I think about you. I get excited like a kid just like those days, just like that time. You’re just like Christmas day

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Anonymous asked:
"What is Sungyeol to Myungsoo and Myungsoo to Sungyeol?"




bandmates, best friends, partners in crime, boyfriends, lovers, everything.

milk boyold fact aight, but let’s do this saul bass style (3 / ∞)

milk boy
old fact aight, but let’s do this saul bass style (3 / ∞)



stupidly embarrassing

stupidly embarrassing

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yixing could probably end world hunger by accident

Minseok highlights in 2013  | requested by only4yunho

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sometimes, there is no happy ending

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innocent looking girls that are secretly kinky as fuck are girls worth living for

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Half-50 hyung dancing to ‘Peter Pan’

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